34BigThings is one of the biggest independent game studios in Italy. Born out of sheer passion and self-sustained throughout, it’s a variegated group of game developers making games they love in a laid-back working environment.

Originally founded by three MSc students from the IT University of Copenhagen in 2013, 34BigThings started in a living room. The company had to move to a real office when they had people working in the kitchen and the CEO’s desk was moved on the balcony. They say they never intended to become a “real” company, they have been working on games all their lives and they were financially secure. At some point, they just crossed paths with the right people at the right time.

34BigThings managed to scale their team up to 32 professionals, ranging from AAA veterans to pure-hearted independent souls, while remaining completely indie. As every respected professional in this field, they never managed to get the scope of their projects completely right so far.