Bad Jokes Studio

Bad Jokes Studio is an indie games development company from Italy. Born in 2013 they have started working on the mobile market; they currently focus on pc and consoles, with a clear idea in mind: create games with original concepts of fun.

Rage Hit is a clear example: a video game shooter arcade like Space Invader in which you have to play standing and rotate your actual body to the direction of your incoming enemies.

Bad Jokes’ first video game is called Jake! and it was published by Ravensburger Digital. Jake! combines logic and math with a cartoon style design that makes the game thoughtless and funny for the children.

In 2015 Bad Jokes starts the development of a brand new IP in 3D for PC and Consoles, called Population Zero, in which customizable humanoid robots fight against each other in arenas. The ambitious project is an online competitive multiplayer and it will be released within 2018.