Bad Seed

Bad Seed’s journey starts in Estonia where we moved to after being selected by GameFounders, the first European accelerator program for gaming start-up.

It continued in Silicon Valley, thanks to MindTheSeed, and finally back to Italy where we collected several awards. Sheep Up!, our first game, published by PocketGems, recorded more than a million downloads and has been awarded with a grant by AppCampus (Nokia/Microsoft) to be ported to Windows Phone.

In the wake of this success, we created Sleep Attack, a TD game with a special twist, which was released in October 23, 2014 on iOS and received widespread critical acclaim.

The skill of our team and the quality of our titles convinced the most influent Italian VC, United Ventures, to include Bad Seed in its investment portfolio. The first result of this partnership is The Beggars Ride, Bad Seed’s newest title, a story-driven puzzle\platformer due to be released in autumn 2015.