Digital Tales

Founded in 2006 and based in Milan, with offices in Rome and Miami, Digital Tales develops games and e-Learning courses combining user-friendly technology and strong graphic appeal. As far as gaming is concerned, our key areas of interest are Racing and Action-Adventure, with occasional forays into advergames and edutainment.

Our core mission is to develop innovative gaming experiences across a wide number of platforms by building upon a proprietary C++ framework: over the years, the studio tackled projects on home consoles, portable gaming devices, tablets, smartphones, PCs and Web browsers, collaborating with established developers and publishers, such as Capcom and Oberon Media.

Digital Tales’ self-published mobile games have topped iOS, Android and Windows Phone charts worldwide, garnering 2 Drago d’Oro awards (Best Italian Indie Game, Best Tech) and a nomination for Game Connection Asia Selected Project, while totaling over 20M downloads cross-platform.