Mangatar is a groundbreaking Italian game company and publisher. Leveraging the potential of smart publishing, Mangatar focuses on casual and mid-core games on mobile devices, PC and connected TVs. Fully committed to innovation, Mangatar relies on data-driven design, ongoing analysis of gamers’ behaviour, and specific free-to-play business model.

Mangatar’s Smart Publishing Hub project aims to create a network supporting indie teams and devs. Mangatar effectively contributes to making competitive products, capable of meeting the high expectations of gamers who are constantly searching for new, polished experiences.

Mangatar’s team is composed of professionals with expertise in concept art, game design, software engineering, communication, art direction, psycholinguistics. Currently, we work also with companies and brands worldwide, leveraging our knowledge of consumers, market, and industry trends. We make games, advergames, gamification projects and so much more to boost your business and your community.