Studio Roberto Fazio

Roberto Fazio Studio is a small Interaction Design studio based in Florence, Italy. His work is mainly influenced by art, design and technology  and in recent years his artistic research focuses on experimentation with interactive installations aiming to create visual experiences developed following paths and sensory perception.

Highly motivated to share the knowledge and experiments, the studio promote interdisciplinary initiatives on the theme of interactivity organizing advanced educational projects in the arts and contemporary technology.

As Creative Technologist the team collaborates with Artists, Creative Coder and Interaction Designer in the process of R&D by developing AR & VR solutions, Mobile Apps and Videogames.

Roberto Fazio is professor at IED Firenze and IUAV Venice. In the corporate sphere he worked for clients and prestigious brands including: Pitti Immagine, Qualcomm, Nike, Ralph Lauren, BMW, Heinekein, Asus, Hugo Boss & McLaren, Ferretti Yacht, Bridgestone, Lexar, Faac, Bacardi, Dunhill.